Tuesday, December 15, 2009

School Holiday FUN!!!

Well have been quite busy with the kids and I apoligize for not updating sooner, Have made a purchases this week but as yet have not had a chance to make anything, it is just too hot here in brissy. here are some photo's of the kids and what we have been up too.....

The platts that took forever...

and we are making some christmas tree pine cones for the neighbours....

finished products to come....
Take Care all

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Well, the phone did not come as I had hoped it would today, and you know what even though I am really dissappointed I am still proud of myself and what I do just for being shortlisted in the Masters competition, Can't wait to see what the winners creations were......
Two more weeks of school....AHHHH.
The girls are fighting more than ever at the moment, sibling rivelry is fantastic...NOT
Had my 25 weeks checkup today at the ante-natal Clinic and all is great with bub, measuring the right size so I am happy, off to my GP sometime at the end of the week just to check all is ok after my stint in hospital, but no pain and finished antibiotics so all should be good..
I have been busy making some canvass's and a clock, please feel free to comment.

Comments welcome??

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How hot has it been????

Hi there people,

After a few days in hospital, and rest over the weekend, monday started some little houses for Xmas decorations, so many but I will try and finish them and post a picture for you to see.

On the weekend the kids went mad with my Kindyglitz and decorated lots of balls for the tree, they had a ball, but there is only so many ball that can fit on one tree.

Went up to Bribie Island yesterday and took mum to a few new scrapbooking shops up there, not bad it is very interesting to see different stock even if I didn't have a lot of money to spend.

Will have to stop in at Stella's Scrapbooking down here at Lawnton sometime to day as I have run out of small ribbon to attach to the top of my little houses, but that is all I am going for, I PROMISE!!!!!
Take care all.....

Friday, November 20, 2009

I apoligize all, Have been in Hospital since Tuesday, am ok now, and Baby is great. Rest for me for now, no crafting yet????

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A jam packed weekend here in my little corner of the world, Saturday was hot so had quite a few swims with the kids in the pool, and while I was out of it sewed , wasn't feeling the best woke up with a really sore throat and didn't get much better through the day, but had a cup of cement because the kids really don't give a flying hoot when all they want is to swim with mum in the pool. Picked my Mum up from the airport from her little trip up north, love having her home..

Sunday woke up feeling crap, but got over it after a coffee, Bub is playing havic on my back the last couple of nights, took mum home to her place then back home for some more swimming with the kids, Husband as usual was flat on his butt on the lounge watching anything that resembled sport, AHHHH makes me cranky!!!! He must have realised because then took kids for a bike ride and to the park, no craft today , absolutely stuffed maybe tomorrow......We'll see

Friday, November 13, 2009


Well today was a pretty productive day, I have had some Christmas Countdown trees ready to go for about twelve months, and after digging them out of the cupboard some were a little worse for ware, so then I decided, (not one of my best ideas) to redo them all, yes the whole 15 of them.

So after the first couple they seemed to go really quickly and after inspection some weren't too bad, they are now safely in a box ready for the market stall that I AM going to do very soon, hopefully some of them will sell at the markets, as not everyone in this world makes things for Xmas presents but hopefully will appreciate the work that has gone into these trees and buy some for other family members.

 We could really do with some extra cash for Xmas anyhow but everyone is in the same boat this year I think. Now to start some other things for the stall too, Yay, thinking cap on!!!!  A cup of coffee now and relax / referee the kids fighting.....??

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well this is the first post on my new blog, yes my blog, I can't believe I have a blog, nothing really that interesting happens in my day to day life but hey I will see how I go.
I have finally made some new layouts, it has only taken me about 4 months of creative Blahhhh, to get some spark back really feels good only problem is I have to now start taking some photo's , as I have been a tad slack in that respect as well. I also went to a class on the weekend at Paper Addiction, and the teacher Amanda was excellent, Only my second class ever but hey thought it may get me back into this craft that I love and Guess what it worked. Let me know what you think?? Comments are always welcome on anything and everything so don't be afraid, feedback is good whether it is good or bad!!!

Christmas Advent box, from Kaisercraft..

This layout is of my Little Sister and her beautiful little Girls...

This layout is for me as much as it is for my Dad, who passed away 12th  Febuary 2009, I had alot a tears when writing the journalling, but amazing how good I felt after I wrote down the things I wanted to say but never did,..... Why do we wait to tell special people how we feel  ???

Until Tomorrow , have fun and be safe all.......